Our Mission

The mission of the BCM at Vanderbilt Place is to share Christ with students, to disciple students to Christian maturity, to involve students in serve and missions, and to connect students to the local church.


Who we are

We are the Baptist Collegiate Ministry at Vanderbilt Place! We are a student-led Christian  organization located in the heart of Vanderbilt University. But more than just an organization, we are a family of brothers and sisters in Christ.



Where WE are

We are on Greek row on campus (off the road Vanderbilt Place). Directly across from Branscomb there is a building with a wavy roof and a BCM sign out front—that’s us!


Do I have to be Baptist to participate in the BCM?


Can I come by the building anytime?


How do I know if an event is going on?

Not at all! Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and denominations. Even if you’ve never been to church before, you are welcome here.


Of course! Our building remains open all day and you are welcome to stop by at any time. We have couch areas, a TV, and several different study spaces. Students often treat the BCM as a second home on campus—come when you want, stay as long as you want, study, or hang out with friends! There is almost always someone in the building at any given time, so drop by and stay a while.


There are several ways to stay updated on the happenings at the BCM:

  • Go to the Events page for all the latest and greatest happenings!
  • Sign up for our weekly newsletter! If you are a first year, email Clara to sign up. All others, click here to sign up!
  • Follow us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram!

The BCM is a student-led organization, meaning that all our decisions and actions are the work of our devoted students!


Our leadership structure is set up by teams: each one serves a different purpose, and each has a leader who reports to our President and our BCM Director (Thom Thornton, the only non-student leader)–both of whom assure we’re all working towards the same goals.

Our team leaders, president, and BCM director meet every week to pray for one another and keep one another updated and our entire leadership team meets every other week. Read on for details about each team and its leader.



Meet the 2015-16 Team:



Community/Service Team

About the Team:

Community/Service Team seeks to build Christ-centered community within the BCM; we want to be inwardly secure and outwardly focused, serving both our Vanderbilt and local Nashville communities. We aim to be the kind of community that presents the gospel by the way we love each other (John 13:35). 


Ashley is a sophomore from Clarksville, TN who is excited to one day be a Civil Engineer. She loves being a part of the body of Christ and seeing the hands and feet of Christ at work. Her hobbies include reading, puns (yes, puns are a hobby), writing and receiving letters (i.e. write me a letter), and laughing at puns.  Send her a letter via the internet here!

Discipleship Team

About the Team:

The purpose of Discipleship team is to promote and facilitate growth in faith of individuals through accountability, encouragement, and availability out of love for and to glorify Jesus.

Current Discipleship Team Leader: Hannah LEe

Hannah is a senior from Port Charlotte, Florida studying Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. She loves drinking coffee, traveling, teaching cryptography to middle schoolers, and making new friends! In her spare time, Hannah can be found spending time with her best friend Caffeine in the multitude of coffee shops Nashville has to offer.Contact Hannah here!

Freshmen Team

About the Team:

Freshmen Team’s mission is to reach the Class of 2019 in order to inform them about the BCM and the Christian community at Vanderbilt and in Nashville, to connect interested freshman to the Vanderbilt Christian community and the local church, and to disciple the freshmen in order to facilitate a deeper love for and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and strengthen their relationships with upperclassmen.

Current Freshmen Team Leader: Clara Yip

Clara is a junior Computer Science and Math major from Tampa, Fl. Fun fact, she loves fun facts! (Rhythm is the longest English word without any traditional vowels.) When she isn't running around campus with her head cut off (metaphorically), a wild Clara may be found in her natural habitat, watching YouTube videos in bed. She likes puzzles, cookies, and warm hugs. If you want a new best friend, call her beep her if ya wanna reach her! 

Outreach Team

about the team:

The mission of the Outreach team is to encourage BCM members to expand their circle of influence and build relationships with groups of people on campus who are underserved for the purpose of sharing the love of God on our campus. 

Current Outreach Team Leader: Nikki FArmer

Nikki Farmer is a senior from Rockford, MI studying Special Education and Spanish. When she isn't studying or writing millions of lesson plans, Nikki is often found gallivanting across Nashville trying to take in all this great city has to offer (and she is more than willing to take a friend along on her adventures). She also loves attending concerts, drinking coffee, eating anything and everything edible, binge watching Netflix, traveling the world, speaking Spanish, and hosting super classy dinner parties. Contact Nikki here!

Missions Team


The mission of this team is to promote a spirit of evangelism both here at Vanderbilt, around the United States, and internationally by providing opportunities for students to be “on the missions field” at Vanderbilt and during breaks, equipping students with tools they need for evangelism, and providing support for students in evangelism.

Current Missions Team Leader:   Tori qualls

Tori is a sophomore from Alton, IL, majoring in Biomedical Engineering. She has a passion for missions and desires to see God raise up a generation of people ready to take to the Gospel to the nations. While Tori has many strengths, cooking is not one of them. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, spending time with friends, and napping. If you ever need to find her, just listen for her distinct laugh. Contact Tori here!