Our Mission

The mission of the BCM at Vanderbilt Place is to share Christ with students, to disciple students to Christian maturity, to involve students in service and missions, and to connect students to the local church.



Who we are

We are the Baptist Collegiate Ministry at Vanderbilt Place! We are a student-led Christian  organization located in the heart of Vanderbilt University. But more than just an organization, we are a family of brothers and sisters in Christ.



Where WE are

We are on Greek row on campus (off the road Vanderbilt Place). Directly across from Branscomb there is a building with a wavy roof and a BCM sign out front—that’s us!


Do I have to be Baptist to participate in the BCM?


Can I come by the building anytime?


How do I know if an event is going on?

Not at all! Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and denominations. Even if you’ve never been to church before, you are welcome here.


Of course! Our building remains open all day and you are welcome to stop by at any time. We have couch areas, a TV, and several different study spaces. Students often treat the BCM as a second home on campus—come when you want, stay as long as you want, study, or hang out with friends! There is almost always someone in the building at any given time, so drop by and stay a while.


There are several ways to stay updated on the happenings at the BCM:

  • Go to the Events page for all the latest and greatest happenings!
  • Sign up for our weekly newsletter! If you are a first year, email Tori to sign up. All others, click here to sign up!
  • Follow us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram!

The BCM is a student-led organization, meaning that all our decisions and actions are the work of our devoted students!


Our leadership structure is set up by teams: each one serves a different purpose, and each has a leader who reports to our President and our BCM Director (Thom Thornton, the only non-student leader)–both of whom ensure we’re all working towards the same goals.

Our team leaders, president, and BCM director meet every week to pray for one another and keep each other updated and our entire leadership team meets every other week. Read on for details about each team and its leader.



Meet the 2017-18 Team:



Community and Outreach Team

About the Team:

The Community and Outreach Team seeks to build Christ-centered community within the BCM; we want to be inwardly secure and outwardly focused, serving both our Vanderbilt and local Nashville communities. We aim to be the kind of community that presents the gospel by the way we love each other (John 13:35). They also encourage BCM members to expand their circle of influence and build relationships with groups of people on and off campus who are under-served for the purpose of sharing the love of God in our community. 

CURRENT Community and outreach TEAM LEADER: 

Ryan Shea

Ryan is a senior from Alpharetta, Georgia studying Electrical Engineering. He loves to play the guitar, rock climb and go to Cookout. One of his favorite movies is Top Gun and he loves freshly shined shoes. He can sometimes be found in the Nashville room studying, but open for conversation. You may occasionally find him running around campus. If you want to talk to Ryan, contact him here.

Discipleship Team

About the Team:

Discipleship is where the really deep stuff at the BCM happens.  We coordinate Life Groups, the BCM's version of a small group, which have three purposes: group study of the scriptures, personal accountability, and fellowship with fellow members of the BCM.  Our hope is that Life Groups and other discipleship team efforts will knit the BCM community closer together in its pursuit of Christ and Christ-likeness.

Current Discipleship Team Leader:

Abby Hinkson

Abby is a senior from Podunkville, Kentucky (also known as Glendale) studying Secondary Education and Mathematics. She loves coffee, Family Feud, High School Musical, Batman, dad jokes, and all things feminine.  In her spare time, Abby can be found hanging out at the BCM or walking back and forth between Peabody and Main Campus.  Since she spends so much time at the BCM, it has really become a second home to her and she is always excited to get people plugged in to whatever program is running at the BCM that week. Contact her here.

Freshmen Team

About the Team:

Freshmen Team’s mission is to reach the Class of 2021 to inform them about the BCM and the Christian community at Vanderbilt and in Nashville. We endeavor to connect interested freshmen to the Vanderbilt Christian community and the local church and to disciple the freshmen in order to facilitate a deeper love for and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and strengthen their relationships with upperclassmen.

Current Freshmen Team Leader:      

Amy Rushing

Amy Rushing is a senior from the teeny town of Poyen, AR, majoring in Biomedical Engineering. Her love for missions blossomed from mission trips taken with the BCM, and she hopes to facilitate the growth of that passion in others as Missions Leader. Her interests include coffee, 'insert sport here', coffee, Spider-Man, coffee, reading, and coffee. If you would like to ball or grab coffee, you can contact her here.