We love for our alumni to stay connected with our ministry! It’s our hope that you’ll stay involved and supportive of our work because of what it meant in your life as a student. Here are several ways to be involved as alumni:

  1. Visit: You’re welcome to visit our building anytime and especially during special events throughout the year like our Homecoming Open House and our Missions Banquet in the spring. See our events page for more info!
  2. Pray: You know yourself what a formative and intense time that the college years are- please be in prayer for the BCM’s ministry to our students and our campus.
  3. Update: Keep us informed of your current contact information so that we can keep you up-to-date with alumni newsletters. It’s as simple as completing the form here! Also, stay up-to-date by liking our Facebook page specifically for alumni.
  4. Share: Have a life update or just want to tell us about your experience at the BCM? Email alumni@bcmatvanderbiltplace.org.
  5. Give: Consider supporting the BCM’s ministry financially. Did the BCM ever help you afford a trip or feed you during a finals’ week study session? Donations support our operations and allow us to provide scholarships for our fall and spring mission trips.