Wanna Get Involved on Campus: Here's How!

The semester is at its peak and all around campus student organizations are hosting events and the school is abuzz with activity! With so many things going on and so many things to get involved in it can be hard to decide what to do to jump in and get involved. And once you've chosen some things to get involved in, it can be difficult to get to know people from other campus groups. Well have no fear! The BCM has got you covered! We have a lot of upcoming events and opportunities that will help you meet new people and get involved on our campus!

First of all, this Wednesday we have L@B! For those of y'all who don't what L@B is, it is basically free lunch with awesome friends! This is also an awesome opportunity to get to know new people. So  bring a friend and make a friend and enjoy some delicious Chili and Grilled Cheese!

Trick or Treat with the Greeks is also this week and this year BCM is participating at our very own building! We will be face painting and passing out candy to all the little kiddos who come out to see us so we need lots of help! You'll get to dress up in costume and see little kids toddling around campus dressed in all sorts of adorable costumes. Another really awesome part of this event: we will be working alongside our Greek neighbors! This is an awesome chance to meander over and get to know some of the girls of ADPi or the guys of Kappa Sig! So come on out and make these kids' day and meet some new folks while doing it! 

Next Saturday (Nov. 7th) is Relay for Life and this year BCM has a team! I am very excited about this because Relay is such a good cause that does so much good in cancer research. I am also very excited because this is an AWESOME opportunity to show the campus that we, as the BCM, care about and want to be involved in what is going on around campus. There will be a lot of student groups represented at this event so there will be lots of opportunities to get to know people from all over campus. Nothing bonds people together quite as much as running for the same cause so making friends at this event will be super simple :) So pull out your running shoes (or walking shoes as will be my case ;)) and warm them up for the big day!

The final thing I want to mention is Thanksgiving for international students which will occur on Thanksgiving. This was a huge success last year and we are very excited to be hosting this event again! We've already had several Chinese International students show interest in having Thanksgiving with us this year and we hope even more folks will come and enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal. If you know anyone who has nowhere to go this Thanksgiving, send them to the BCM for some delicious food and great company! And if you are staying over Thanksgiving break, join in the fun and meet some international students! 

Hope everyone is having a great week and I look forward to seeing y'all come together as we branch out, meet new people, and get involved in new things to show the campus the love of Christ!

Love, Nikki