A Place to Call Home

Hello friends!

Just Clara, checkin' in from a very busy and successful beginning of the year! Freshmen team has been loading up the BCM with fun activities to connect the first-years with each other, upperclassmen, and a church home. Whether it was showing up at the Protestant Worship Service, Snow Cones on Wyatt Lawn, Founder's Walk, or the BCM Kick-Off party, we are all about building community here. Which was coincidentally our first bible study topic of the year! 

Freshmen Team hosts a weekly bible study in the Commons Center, inside the Fireside Lounge. Every Tuesday at 8p, you'll find us reading Scripture and talking about our theme for the semester "WHY/WHAT." We're talking about the hard questions that come with following Christ: what it means to be in community, the effectiveness of prayer, and SO MUCH MORE! This week, we'll be talking about what it means to have joy in Christ. College can be hard, especially when everyone around you (including yourself) is struggling to keep up the academic identity you've spent your whole life building up. People tend to look towards grades, relationships, and partying to find their (temporary) happiness. Come find out how we can focus on the eternal joy and peace that comes with knowing Christ! 

Now you may be wondering, "Clara, what does your blatant plug for freshmen bible study have to do with the blog title?" Good question. I wanted to bring this blog post back to why we, as BCM leadership team, think it is so vitally important for freshmen and really anyone to get involved with a campus ministry or church home. Coming to college, I knew for certain that I wanted to get involved in something. I refused to be one of those statistics, a kid who grew up in church but lost touch with their faith once they got to college. The first few week, even months, I was struggling to feel like I fit in anywhere. College is marketed as the best four years of your life, but it certainly didn't feel that way. I thought I was doing everything wrong and all of my worst fears were being validated. But that's where community comes in. I joined choir, Phi Lamb, and BCM before the end of first semester and things started looking up. I felt like I had friends, real friends who genuinely cared about my well-being. People who would eat with me, pray for me, and keep me accountable to living the life we are all called to. God created the church and community because as images of Him, we need to be in constant fellowship with one another. I urge you to find your community here. Whether it's with BCM or not, Christian fellowship (in my opinion) is one of the best things for spiritual health in college. Come be my friend!

                                                                                               Over and out, 


PS Check out the rest of the website for more info on how to get involved with us!