A New Season

           It’s finally starting to look like fall around Vanderbilt’s campus, and for many, it’s the most perfect time of year! Some may argue with me, but the cooler mornings, the appearance of more than a few sweaters, and the new fall line of Starbucks cups tell me fall is coming, and I am more than excited. As the seasons are changing, I find it entertaining to watch the evolution of clothes as people adjust to the weather. Right now there’s a confused mix of whether it’s still summer or if fall has begun. There’s something to be said about how we respond to the changing of the seasons, and the necessity of preparing ourselves accordingly.

            Here at the BCM at Vanderbilt, we are experiencing a new season as we look forward to a new class of freshmen and grow as an organization. As we look on the new season, there is the need for creating more opportunities for community that is authentic and accountable, that prays together and celebrates together and studies God’s word together. Just as we prepare for winter by purchasing a new coat (or maybe ice skates if our winter is anything like last year), we at the BCM are approaching our new season by creating a new small group setting called Life Groups. Life Groups are small groups of three to six students who meet each week to study God’s word together, spend time sharing about the week and pray together for each other, our campus, and Nashville. All of the life groups are studying the same passages each week, with the overall theme for this semester being “Implications of the Gospel.” This week, we are looking at the freedom that we have in Christ, and how that freedom changes our actions, our priorities, and our interactions with others, both believers and non-believers. As we study 1 Corinthians 10:23-33 this week, we find Paul encouraging us to consider what is helpful rather than what is permissible, and to do all for the glory of God.

            We also have four awesome Bible studies going on this semester at the BCM! Reflecting the love and light of God, being a man that God uses, women of the Bible, and seeking and responding to God’s calling are the topics that our small group Bible studies are focusing on. Our small group Bible studies focus on creating a space to dive deeper into God’s word and not only learn about it, but discuss how that translates into each of our daily lives. Bible studies meet at various times throughout the week and are led by BCM members and our BCM Director Thom. This semester presents a unique opportunity to study how both men and women can be looking to be used by God in the studies The Man God Uses and Women in the Bible. We are excited to dive into these studies, and you can find more information about them on the rest of our website!

                 Happy almost-fall, my friends!