Football and Friends

Yesterday was the Super Bowl, a huge event in American culture. Whether you watch for the game, the commercials, or just come for the food, it is an event that draws many. We held a viewing party at the BCM, an event that falls under the jurisdiction of the Community/Service Team.

I have not been feeling well all weekend, and as Sunday afternoon rolled around, I sat on the blue couches thinking about everything that had to be done to prepare for the game and summoning up the energy to actually do it all. As I sat on those couches (a bit pathetically, I must admit), people came up to me and asked what needed to be done and how they could help. The people on my team, along with whoever was already in the BCM, pitched in until everything was ready. All sorts of friends (new and old) showed up and it was quite the gathering.

While I can't tell you much about the game, I can tell you about the community that gathered to watch it. After the game was over and people began to leave, I went downstairs to see what had to be cleaned up/put away. When I got there, almost nothing was left for me to do; food was put away, dishes were soaking, and couches were moved upstairs. The only thing I did find was encouragement in my envelope. In my slightly-under-the-weather state, it almost brought me to tears.

The verse in Galatians 6:2, "Bear one another's burdens" really came alive for me in the actions of my BCM family last night. I am so thankful to everyone who lent a helping hand or offered some much-needed encouragement. I want us to continue to be a community that seeks ways to bear each other's burdens the way Christ bears all of ours. When we all support each other, no one really has to carry that much.