Why I love the BCM...

This has been a hard week. It's not easy for me to come out and admit that, but I have seriously struggled in so many aspects of life: in being present at Vanderbilt because of family issues, in school work and being completely overwhelmed, in time management and lack of sleep, and even in mental health (because this should not be an off-limits topic). But the difficulty of this week has been so evidently and indelibly entangled with the movement of God. 

In this tough week, I have learned of the closeness and goodness of God when I am weak and vulnerable. I have seen Him answer prayers, and have caught glimpses of how He is using these really tough situations. And I have been overwhelmingly convinced of the brilliance of His design in creating the Body of Christ.

In the struggles of the week, my BCM family has supported me in a way that goes beyond friendship- they have loved me beyond what is easy or convenient, and have stuck with me in my messiness. I have had so many people check in with me about my Grandpa, who's really not doing well, and offer prayer and comfort. I have had people help motivate me to be present here when all I wanted to do was go back home to be with my family. I have had people stay with me when I wasn't okay and I didn't even know why. I have received encouragement notes, supportive text messages, and even hot tea when I woke up feeling sick. I cannot adequately express how much all of this and more has meant to me. I have never seen a better display of Christians carrying each other's burdens as I have this week when my burdens have felt so heavy.

As we settle into the school year and get back into the rhythms of college life, I think about a question I've been asked a lot lately- what is the BCM? I think that's a really important question and I certainly don't want to downplay it; however, today I want to shift the focus onto a different question, one that has been more present on my mind this week: why do you love the BCM? 

I love the BCM not so much because of what we are, but because of who we are, and that is the body of Christ, displayed through everything I've listed above and so much more. And if you're looking for a home here on campus, I want to invite you in to learn not only about what we are, but to experience who we are.