Keeping Focused

     I think it's that time of the semester when many students have had their first round of exams, pulled an all nighter or two, and allowed laundry to fall to the bottom of their list of priorities.  For me, it has been really easy to get caught up in everything going on and focus on myself instead of my true purpose for being at Vandy: to be a witness of the life-changing love of Christ in the mission field that God has placed me in.

     One of our favorite ways to redirect our focus as a community at the BCM is through our SPOTS trips (SPOTS stands for Special Project Other Than Summer).  If you’re new to the BCM, SPOTS trips are the BCM’s short-term mission trips that happen over fall and spring break.  Join us as we travel to Atlanta, Georgia, October 14th-18th, for this year’s trip.  The cost is FREE for first year and transfer students and $50 for other students.  In Atlanta, we will be staying at and working with an inner city church, have some city exploration time Saturday afternoon, and return to campus after church on Sunday.  Our work will center around issues like homeless, poverty, race and reconciliation, and living in a global society in addition to learning from local speakers and pastors. 

     If you are debating whether you should go or whether you should stay on campus to catch up on sleep and school work, no worries.  We understand.  Nevertheless, I have never met a student who has regretted going on a SPOTS trip.  Last year's Fall SPOTS trip is when I really felt like I got integrated into the BCM community and bonded with other freshmen who are now some of my best friends. 

Things to expect: serving others as a way of reflecting Christ's love, fantastic fellowship with each other, and cookie dessert.

Things NOT to expect: 5-star hotels to sleep in, a vacation to the beach, and Pepsi.


  Hope you will join us! Post-trip update soon to come!